Deborah Noel Of UNC Visits The HOLLA! Center

Segment Aired August 7, 2011

Deborah Noel of UNCTV (with HOLLA! sign in the center) poses with HOLLA!/Pathway to Peace Summer Camp participants and volunteers during her recent visit to the center.

Deborah Noel, the host of the Black Issues Forum for UNC-TV recently visited the HOLLA! Center in Morven. She said that she is interested in this project because it has been around almost seven years, is working, and seems like it can be reproduced.
HOLLA! officials say that Mrs. Noel and the camera crew arrived in Anson County on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 29, stayed overnight at the Forever Inn, then spent a full day at the HOLLA! Center on Thursday, June 30.
Mrs. Noel interviewed, Carolyn Solomon, the mayor of Morven, Carey Rogers of Pathway to Peace Ministries, Morven Elementary School Teacher, Dionnya Pratt, and a select group of parents, teachers, students, and others wishing to discuss the impact and potential of the center.
“We hope that this positive exposure will blaze trails to the paths of more things to come into our community for the benefit of our youth, said Leon Gatewood, CEO of HOLLA!.
This segment aired on August 7, 2011, on UNCTV.