More About HOLLA!

Some of HOLLA!'s ongoing projects include:

  • Children are joining HOLLA!’s after school tutoring classes. These classes include assistance with homework, tutoring in math and reading, and a nutritious snack!
  • The HOLLA! Reading Room is bustling with eager students each Saturday morning who take advantage of the free reading classes. These classes include reading instruction, guest readers and a nutritious breakfast!
  • Scores of children are taking advantage of The HOLLA! Let’s MOVE Fitness Center weekly. The Center offers free karate and tennis lessons for children ages 6-18, significantly increasing their hours of physical activity.  This will decrease their chances of being obese and suffering from certain other physical ailments (e.g. diabetes, unhealthy cholesterol levels and high blood pressure).
  • In 2014, the United States Tennis Association, National Junior Tennis and Learning and North Carolina Community After-school Programs selected HOLLA! as a pilot program for the ACE Curriculum with one of its missions being to close the achievement gap between various demographics.
  • HOLLA! will soon open a Literacy House in Wadesboro, designed to bring reading and literacy to the local community, where at-risk kids live. he Literacy House will function much the same as the HOLLA! Center’s Reading Room, and will be stocked with Florita Bell Griffin’s Little Flower Literacy Project. Gatewood said he hopes to open similar Literacy Houses in Polkton, Lilesville and in other locations in Wadesboro.


Empowering the youth through various programs that will propel them to great heights. Join us in making a difference!


There’s always something happening at HOLLA! Feel free to stop by and enjoy our events OR host your own!


By providing financial assistance and deserved recognition, HOLLA! aims to empower students to maximize their full potential and make a meaningful impact on their futures and the world around them.