Breakfast by HOLLA! to be permanent

Breakfast by HOLLA! to be permanent

WADESBORO — HOLLA! is planning to permanently serve breakfast Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m.

HOLLA! has been serving breakfast off and on since 2012.

Leon Gatewood said that serving breakfast has always been within the scope and vision of the HOLLA! Center.

The vision was for the center to be a meeting place for people to read books and periodicals, catch up on the local and community news and discuss community issues.

“We initially started serving breakfast as a means to generate revenue to sustain the operations of the center and we now include it as a part of our youth programs,” Gatewood said. “We seldom send our children on a trip without a hot breakfast.”

HOLLA!’s primary source of funding is The United Way of the Central Carolinas. They also recently received a donation from Lanesboro Creek to help serve breakfast to the youth.

“Attendance for breakfast is generally moderate, but sometimes it is booming,” Gatewood said. “We use Facebook, flyers and oral tradition to get the word out.”

Gatewood said they have seen progress in attendance throughout the weeks.

There is a $5 charge for adults to eat breakfast.

Beginning Monday, HOLLA! will provide free breakfast to youth who attend their programs.

Also, at the beginning of the school year, HOLLA! once more will offer the Bus Stop Breakfast.

The meal is free for children who come in time to order breakfast before the bus arrives to pick them up. The menu includes fresh fruit, coffee, hot grits, eggs, omelets, 100 percent juice and various protein.

“We stress moderation and balance in our meals,” Gatewood said.

HOLLA! “hopes to bring awareness to the importance of eating a healthy, moderate breakfast each morning, and will provide breakfast to as many as we can,” Gatewood said.

By Natalie Davis

Staff Reporter

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